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Two Old Fools in Spain Again by Victoria Twead

January 21, 2023

I’m gradually reading my way through Victoria Twead’s books and have just finished this one, which I loved as much as the last. Happy to be home in Spain again after their difficult year in Bahrain, Vicky and Joe slot quickly back into village life, enjoying the seasons as they pass.

Most of the characters in the previous books figure equally large in this one and I was highly entertained by the stories about Judith’s mother and the unexpected influence she manages to wield over village conflicts. There are also some funny incidents that give great insights into dealing with Spanish life and bureaucracy, and I laughed my socks off at Vicky’s attempts at wine tasting, although some of the relationship developments among their neighbours were a poignant reminder that not everything is always idyllic. 

Victoria Twead writes with so much affection and humour about the villagers, her chickens, the feral cats and even Felix’s mule. However, her descriptions of the beautiful scenery around them are both vivid and lyrical; a lovely counterpoint to the fun. It was delightful to feel part of their lives as I read, but I can already feel that changes are afoot and am looking forward to reading the next in the series to find out what happens next. As always, there are some luscious recipes for foodies as chapter separators. Anyone who enjoys books about Spanish rural life will love this book. I did!

The link to the book on Amazon US is here.


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