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Fat Dogs and Welsh Estates by Beth Haslam

January 21, 2023

I’ve been waiting for this book for months and now I’ve read it, I’m filled with Welsh ‘hiraeth’. What a magical memoir about Beth Haslam’s wonderful upbringing in Wales.

For a family who were always tenants and never owners, they lived in the most beautiful and special homes in one of the most breathtaking parts of the British Isles. Having spent every childhood holiday in Wales myself, I thoroughly enjoyed Beth’s wonderfully vivid descriptions of her northern Welsh environs from the mountain views of Snowdonia to the dangerous Menai straits and gorgeous Anglesey.

Her upbringing was strict, with every privilege accompanied by endless chores to earn it, but she was surrounded with love, humour, animals and glorious scenery and I laughed out loud at several of her anecdotes. As for her education, I can only sympathise having had to follow that route myself.

For extra enjoyment, there are lovely quotes from Welsh literature, wonderful Welsh recipes and lyrical Welsh words in every chapter, not forgetting the delightful illustrations. I loved it all. Well done, Beth Haslam. This book is a triumph!

The link to the Kindle version of the book on Amazon US is here. However, it’s available on all Amazon marketplaces.


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  1. Another sterling recommendation – thank you! :-)))


    • Ah, thank you for reading my review, Fran. It’s really a gorgeous book about quite a unique childhood.


  2. Oh, Val, I simply could not be more grateful to you for this wonderful review. I am thrilled that you enjoyed my Welsh tales, and if it instilled that feeling of hiraeth, then I couldn’t be happier. xxx

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    • Beth, if wist were a noun I’d be full of that too. It was just too lovely and I can’t praise it enough. Xxx


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