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Adventures of a #bookblogger abroad. ‘Adventure before dementia’ Part 1…

Forgive my pride at being mentioned here by the marvellous Mrs Bloggsreader in hee wonderful post about France. The photos are gorgeous! 🙂

Mrs Bloggs' Books

Followers of mine on Twitter must be wondering what on earth I’m doing posting photos from the length and breadth (almost) of France recently on Twitter, well here is why.

My husband is newly retired and as a pair of rabid francophiles we promised ourselves a good round trip to France to celebrate. A sort of ‘adventure before dementia’.

I finished this book on the last day before the trip. Angling Bumateurs from Lesley Krier Tither aka Tottielimejuice. The fifth book in the very enjoyable Sell The Pig Trilogy Love the title! Feel like an Angling Bumateur most of the time 😮 My Review for the book isHere

Family had rented a caravan on a camp for a week in Frejus down in Southern France, so we decided to join them but drive down, stopping overnight twice, stay for ten days renting our own van, then travel back home…

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Llanddwyn Island



Untitled design (62).jpg

Untitled design (63).jpg

Untitled design (64).jpg

Chapel Ruins.jpg

Chapel Ruins (1).jpg

Ynys Llanddwyn or Llanddwyn Island is a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey (Welsh: Ynys Môn) northwest Wales. The island is very rich in legends, and in particular the association with Dwynwen. The island bears the ruined remains of St Dwynwen’s Church.

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The English Writing Festival: can anyone write a memoir?


A very inspiring event. Follow the link for the full write-up!



Always entertainment here on Lucinda’s blog!

lucinda E Clarke

At last we were on our own, but was this a good thing? We flew from Bangkok into Kuala Lumpur and got ourselves to the hotel with no problem. Then we collapsed into bed – no, to sleep, we had no energy left for anything else! We’re both at that stage now when the spirit is willing but the body has had enough by 10 am.

Since they didn’t serve dinner at the hotel, we ventured out in the evening and had a long discussion on the pavement as to which way to go – DH always has to turn the map upside down, I don’t. I must have a revolving brain or something like that. As usual I wanted to go one way and he wanted to go in the opposite direction – all a bit stupid really as we only needed to get round to the other side…

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So, Who Published Sophie’s Quest, Anyway? A Pretty Fascinating Person!

And I can concur with all of what Sonja says about Jo Holloway!

Sonja Anderson

Sunpenny Publishing Group has been conducting a series of interviews with all of their authors (led by Val Poore, a barge-living woman in the Netherlands, who is pretty fascinating herself!)

The authors come from all over the globe. What is interesting about Jo Holloway, our publisher, is that she herself seems to come from all over the globe!

Read more about her interesting life in Africa, sailing the Indian Ocean, and more:

I know one thing is for sure–I’m very grateful that she developed a fascination for sailing somewhere along the way, because that is one thing that helped her be interested in Sophie!

Speaking of Sophie’s Quest, if you know of anyone with a Kindle, it’s on sale right now for just 99 cents.

Click here for the link!

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Broken Dreams

Source: Broken Dreams

Digital Marketing

Lovely and honest!

Lynn M's Blog

The other day, I further stepped into the 21st century by using another facet of digital marketing for my books.  I had joined Twitter, obtained an author website and regularly blog through Word Press but I had not figured out how to use the popular site You Tube.

So, I finally did a little research on how to make a video with my limited equipment.  I saw that I could use the camera and microphone on my Smartphone or tablet. Then, I sat up a display showing the cover of the book.  I propped it up and used some fabric as a backdrop.

The biggest challenge was holding the phone or tablet focusing on the cover and speaking into the microphone.  Then, I had to use the other hand to hold the book from which I was reading.

I felt like The Cat in the Hat when he…

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