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Rapid Fire #Book Tag #Books #Reading

Enjoyed this a lot and have done one of my own too!


Thanks to Kate from The Quiet Knitter for tagging me. Here we go….

eBooks or physical books?

Physical… but kindles are so handy.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback for ease of reading but hardbacks look great.

Online or in-store shopping?

Probably works out mostly online.

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A funny post on a serious subject…the downside of being a public persona!

lucinda E Clarke

The other day I posted the following on my Facebook Timeline.

Dear Prospective Face Book Friend, I do understand that you may be looking for pen pals and maybe even a romantic connection, especially if you are posted abroad in a war zone. However, despite this being a public page, I use it to chat to my reader and writer friends and exchange hints, reviews, and other marketing information. So it’s probably not the kind of page you are looking for – besides, I’m a happily married grandmother, who’s rapidly losing the wrinkle war. I hate to decline friends, so I hope you’ll understand and not make a friend request.

Yes, I know I come across as hard, overbearing and pretty unpleasant, but I’m really a softie inside and I don’t like to refuse a friendship, my page is public after all. The problem is, I don’t like to be…

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“Faring to France on a Shoe”

Source: “Faring to France on a Shoe”

Huge thanks to Jaye and Anita Dawes for this wonderful review of my book. I am bowled over!!

Spring has sprung: Time for a spuddle!


My blog this week on the joys of the fist spuddle of the year!


#WordlessWednesday ~ Random Images #Photography

Images to soothe the soul…









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“Overboard”, or why I love being a wife and mother

A good laugh for a Tuesday morning!



My 3 men

There is a lovely line in the film “Overboard”, where the rich, spoilt Goldie Hawn character falls overboard from her luxury yacht and loses her memory. Kurt Russell’s character, who is a carpenter treated badly by her earlier, sees the amnesiac woman on TV and decides to teach her a lesson by “rescuing” her, pretending she is his wife and making her look after his badly behaved kids. They do all they can to torment the woman but inevitably boys and man fall in love with her and she with them. Then she suddenly gets her memory back and gazing with joy at her acquired family says, “Thank you, you made me a wife and a mother”. Then she frowns in confusion as her mind begins to work properly and she adds, “Why did you do that?”
Well, I’m having a bit of an “Overboard” moment. I…

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“That’s me in the spotlight”

Very much enjoyed my day in the sun yesterday on We Love Memoirs, the most supportive memoir readers and writers’ group in the net!