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Beyond Imagination by Craig Briggs

April 9, 2022

I read the first of Craig Briggs’ books a couple of years ago, and have long meant to read the sequel. It seems I now have to read several sequels and I will, because I enjoyed this one very much. This is another memoir I finished and reviewed on Goodreads in March, so my post here is a bit late.

Anyway, having moved into the house they renovated in book one, Craig and his wife, Melanie, are now set to live the dream. However, still too young and energetic to retire, the pair cannot sit still for long. This book is full of their adventures including establishing their garden, working with Spanish builders, social interaction with neighbours, learning to make wine and embarking on yet another renovation project.

This is exactly the kind of memoir I like best as it is imbued with local colour and characters, as well as plenty of wry humour. A thoroughly enjoyable and lively read. Thank you, Craig and Melanie. I shall have to buy the rest of the series now.

The link to the book on Amazon US is here, but it is available on all the other Amazon marketplaces.


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