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Tails of the Unexpected: Digressions, a Dog and Project X by John Donoghue

April 9, 2022

John Donoghue’s memoir about buying a puppy and various other entertaining digressions is an enjoyable read with lots of fun, wit and good humour.

I especially liked the parts about Barney, who was a typically adorable Labrador pup, an incorrigible chewer, but endlessly good natured. I laughed till I cried at some of John’s early learning experiences with his little dog (I’ve been there myself, so could relate totally) and only wished there had been still more about him and maybe a little less of the digressions in the overall balance of the book.

The cover captured me completely, and it’s an endearing memoir that I’m sure all dog lovers will enjoy, as well as those who like British humour and know something of the country.

The link to the book on the Amazon US store is here. To find it on other Amazom sites, simply replace the dot com in the address bar with your own country’s extension.


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