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Don’t Drop the Dolphin by Lally Brown

November 24, 2022

Having read and loved all Lally Brown’s other books, I was thrilled to be asked to beta read her latest memoir and am happy to confirm it lived up to all my expectations. I have now bought the Kindle book to read again and will probably buy the paperback as well when it’s available.

I love the author’s writing style and I so enjoyed this period of the family’s life. The two children who were little more than babies in Treefrogs Can’t Sing are now teenagers embarking on O and A level GCSE exams. How they cope in the informal and colourful world of the Caribbean is a delight to read and Lally Brown’s depiction of local characters is again imbued with great affection. I loved all the stories of the island folk, although some of them were maybe a touch more colourful than was desirable. There are tales of drug busts, gun-toting enforcement agents, mad, vengeful tractor drivers and employees with some, shall we say, interesting habits. The family take all of these challenges in their stride and revel in the exotic, but also down-to-earth, lifestyle. Their greatest pleasures come from the glories of nature, although they take a fascinating and exciting trip to the US during their two-year stay, which takes them to some some of the country’s most spectacular locations.

However, as a book that brings you the magic of the islands, the awe of swimming with dolphins and the charms of a sun-kissed existence, you may wonder what on earth the title can mean. Well, read it and find out. You’ll love it, I know. Well done, Lally Brown. This is a wonderful read.

The link to the book on Amazon US is here, but it’s available on all Amazon marketplaces.


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  1. Oooh, this sounds very good, I must catch up with a few more of Lally’s books that I have on my Kindle.

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