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A Hair’s Whisper: from cancer to the courtroom by Shirley Ledlie

October 1, 2022

I have been eagerly awaiting this sequel to Shirley Ledlie’s Naked In The Wind, and I have now romped through it with undiminished admiration and respect for this awe-inspiring woman. A Hair’s Whisper tells the story of her continuing fight to gain justice for all women with permanent hair loss resulting from a specific chemotherapy drug.

Pulling no punches, Ms Ledlie takes on the lawyers and representatives of the drug’s manufacturer and scores a major triumph in flouting the demands of the pharmaceutical giant. I loved the book, the descriptions of the legal battles and also the extra glimpses into her life and travels, especially in New Orleans.

Congratulations, Shirley Ledlie. I remain in awe of your courage and hope there will be more on your campaign for patients’ rights to come. You are doing what most of us would never have the bravery to do. Very highly recommended.

The link to the book is here


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  1. Thank you, Val, it’s great to have your recommendation. 🙂

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