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Pulpo, Pig and Peppers by Lisa Rose Wright

July 1, 2022

I received this book as an ARC copy and enjoyed it so much I’ve ordered a paperback to keep for future visits to Galicia. Lisa Rose Wright’s affection for her adopted region shines through her writing and I loved travelling with her, S and her mother to the many and diverse beauty spots of Galicia. Sometimes, she takes her readers on road trips and other times on hikes, but in every case, we are treated to a wealth of glorious scenery, rich history and interesting comment. We also get to sample the local cuisine when sharing their many delicious menus of the day.

I especially enjoyed the pithy dialogue between Lisa and S, and really felt I was walking with them on their hikes, or sitting in the car as they drove the stunning country roads. This is the perfect travel companion for those who want to visit Galicia and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I do hope there’ll be another travel book from Lisa soon.

The link to the book on Amazon US is here but it is available on all Amazon marketplaces.

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