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Lucky Jack by Sue Bavey

June 26, 2022

What a delightful character Jack was. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his personal anecdotes about his long and varied life. Spanning a complete century and experiencing two world wars as an adult, this book is both a remarkable collection of memoirs and a valuable historical document. Jack’s world was as one of the people, and this is real history as it was lived.

However, what makes it even more special was his charming, cheerful and positive personality. His experiences during WW1 were horrific enough to have scarred him for life, but Jack rose above the deprivation and harshness of a POW’s existence and focused on keeping his fellow prisoners’ spirits high, a talent he continued to use for the rest of his very long life.

Lovely. I’m so glad I’ve read this. I feel as if I’ve been sitting with him enjoying his tales first hand.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review, Val!!😍

    • My very great pleasure. I have a feeling I will read Jack’s memoirs again one day but will now look forward to your next book!

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