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Nine Weeks on a Shaky Bus by Robyn Boswell

June 6, 2022

What a wonderful adventure! I was lucky to be a beta reader for this book, which tells the travel tales of four close friends who set off on the greatest trip of their lives in the worst of vehicles possible. Their trial run in a scrapyard reject followed by their European tour had me laughing and gasping simultaneously. I loved it for the carefree enthusiasm of youth it conveys, the astonishing disregard for ‘health and safety’ displayed by the tour operator and all the information about places I have never been seen through the author’s 1970s lens.

It is a book that celebrates a love of travel that rises above all the discomfort and mishaps thrown at the four girls and made me quite nostalgic about those carefree days of the 70s. Fabulous. I do hope Robyn Boswell writes more books.

The link to the book on Kindle US is here.


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