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The Coconut Wireless by Simon Michael Prior

September 24, 2021

This charming and light-hearted memoir of a travel adventure from his youth is Simon Michael Prior’s first personal memoir and is also the first in what will be a series of travel stories.

In this book, he and his girlfriend, Fiona, spend six weeks in Tonga on their way to a new life in New Zealand. Why Tonga? Well, it all comes down to Simon’s long-held memory of hearing about his father’s visual encounter in London with Queen Salote of Tonga when Simon was just a boy. The tale catches Simon’s imagination, and he is determined to see the Queen himself, albeit not the same one. So when the opportunity arises to go to Tonga on route to New Zealand, he jumps at it.

Whether he sees the queen or not is something readers will have to discover for themselves, but suffice to say the young couple have a wonderful time in this desert island paradise. I enjoyed the delightful local characters, the laid-back approach to living and the evocative descriptions of island scenery and weather. I also liked Simon’s ‘aside’ thoughts, which pepper the book. It’s a story of romance, youthful travel, and the joys of experiencing pacific islands and all they have to offer. Recommended feelgood reading!

The link to the book on Amazon US is here, but it is available on all Amazon stores.

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