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Dancing Through Life, Volume II by Shirley Read-Jahn

August 4, 2021

I won Dancing Through Life, Volume 2 in a draw, and while I know I should have read the first book (Volume I) before starting this one, I peeked into it and just got hooked. The author, Shirley, Read-Jahn has led a fascinating and rich life and seems to have an amazing amount of energy. Although not particularly lucky in love, she has picked herself up and started time and again with zest and enthusiasm. I loved the descriptions of the music events and the people she met and admired her ability to establish a new business in gardening when life threw lemons at her.

This book is very well written and engaging in style. There are photos as well, which give great visual support to the events she writes about. Given that she embarked on a new career when she’d already turned sixty, I am now wondering what she’s got up her sleeve next. I’m also keen to read the first book, as that sounds equally fascinating. Well done, Shirley Read-Jahn and three cheers for your wonderful and indomitable spirit!

The link to the book is here

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