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Sydney Delicious: the memoir of a Spanish rescue dog by Helen Stephenson

July 18, 2021

What a charming memoir this is! I wasn’t sure how being written from Sidney’s perspective was going to work, but it is so well written and Sidney is such a wonderful personality that I was soon immersed in his free-ranging world. 

As a Spanish rescue dog of indeterminate origin, Sidney has lived the life of a roamer until one day, Helen and Jo find him. From that day on, his life changes and he becomes their constant, and very endearing, companion. However, Sidney has had a hard life and has picked up some unsavoury survival habits, which stay with him no matter how much luxury he lives in. The results are so funny, I found myself weeping with laughter, particularly because Sidney doesn’t quite see the problem with his behaviour much of the time. 

This is a heartwarming, uplifting story about a dog of great character and his relationship with his saviour humans. It is also the author’s memoir about her and her husband’s life in their new home on a campo in a remote part of rural Spain. It is clear from Helen Stephenson’s writing that Sid Delicious was very much loved despite his idiosyncracies and independent nature. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the scenery, the seasons and the lifestyle they lead in Almeria. In fact, I absolutely loved the book and can recommend it very highly.

The link to the Amazon US page is here. The book is available on all Amazon stores.

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