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Chasing the Dream – A new life abroad: An anthology of travel stories curated by Alyson Sheldrake

July 1, 2021

A slightly different post on my review blog this time. This book, Chasing the Dream is one I am privileged to have a chapter in, but I’m not trying to review it on my own behalf; I am, after all, just one contributor. There are twenty chapters altogether and each one is by a different author, so I am writing here about the rest of the book, which is a truly terrific anthology of stories by writers who have all moved abroad to live for one reason or another.

For many, they really were chasing a dream, but others (like me) landed up living in other countries through circumstance, work or a simple desire to explore the world. I was lucky enough to read the early drafts of the book and have also read the finished product, and I can honestly say that each reading was a delight. The diversity of the stories and writing styles makes the collection an absorbing and rich read. The authors have been given free rein to write with their own voice and without a script, so there is everything from humorous, dialogue-driven accounts to chapters of descriptive and even poetic beauty. There are travel adventures, moving house nightmares, cultural lessons and linguistic challenges. Some are introspective, some are lively, many are funny and all of them are fascinating.

Even better, the range of countries covered makes world travellers of the reader. From Chile to Japan; from Ireland to Slovenia, Greece and Italy; from the Netherlands through France, Spain and Portugal; from Africa (both northern and southern) to the Middle East, the incredible diversity gives a truly global perspective to the book.

This is a fantastic collection, beautifully produced, edited and presented by Alyson Sheldrake and I can recommend it very highly. I was delighted to be part of it.

The link to the book is here

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  1. OK, that works for me… have just bought it and will read and review very soon.

    • Ah, that’s great to hear, Cath! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. They’re all travel stories and will lead you on to a feast of new authors and books 🙂

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