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Don’t Eat the Puffin by Jules Brown

June 12, 2021

What a fabulous book! Jules Brown, born in Ghana and brought up in England’s north, inherited his love of travel from his father and spent thirty years exploring the world as a writer for Rough Guides. These stories are his recollections of some of his many adventures. They are fascinating, often funny and very well written.

As a lover of the ‘did you know that?’ odd facts about places, I especially enjoyed the quirkier corners he leads the reader into. In quest of the less obvious sites and attractions, Jules takes us on all sorts of unusual adventures, hikes and train trips, as well as down mostly-missed alleys to restaurants and bars with a difference.

The selection is incredibly diverse and we travel with him from Canada to New Zealand via China and beyond. But, at the beginning of each chapter, we are always reminded of where he comes from, which is a lovely cohesive device and the glue that holds this anecdotal memoir together. It even had me calculating how far I live from Ghana and Yorkshire.

My favourite chapter, though? Just for the sheer humour, I LOVED the one about Ontario and his Husky ride across the frozen wastes; I laughed till I cried. Brilliant! Altogether, a highly recommended book for anyone, but especially travel lovers.

The link to the book on Amazon (US) is here – sorry, the US site is where I buy from and I’m too lazy to make a universal link, but just change the ‘dot com’ in the address bar to your own site and you’ll find it easily.

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