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Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 4 by Nick Albert

May 31, 2021
Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 4

I’ve very much enjoyed all Nick Albert’s previous books and so was quick to snatch up this fourth memoir in the series as soon as it was released. Now I’ve read it, I can confidently say this one was just as entertaining as all the others, even though it covers a period that brought Nick and his wife a good deal of stress and heartache. Without giving too much away, personal and family responsibilities take a greater toll on their lives than anticipated despite being aware of what such commitments might involve.

That said, the author’s gentle self-deprecating humour and endlessly kind nature shine through every page and I really enjoyed it. This book is about real life with all its attendant issues, especially when lived in a remote old farmhouse on a hilltop in Ireland.

Once again, I appreciated learning more about the country, the vagaries of its weather and the charm and quirks of its special people. In short, there are nutty dogs, Errol Flynn-style cats, glorious country scenery, history, and DIY adventures alongside heart-stopping accidents, grave illness, new lives and old. Fresh Eggs and Dogs Beds is a lovely, warm read from one of my favourite memoir authors, and I am very much hoping this won’t be the last in the series.

By the way, for anyone who is interested, Nick kindly did an interview for me on this blog some weeks back.

The link to purchase the book is here

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