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Adventure Caravanning with Dogs: Fur Babies in France by Jacqueline Lambert

February 14, 2021

This is the second of Jackie Lambert’s books I have read although it is the first one in the series. The last one I read was Dogs n Dracula about Jackie and her husband’s travels in Romania, which I loved, so I was pleased to win this book in a draw.

Like Dogs n Dracula, this account is of the couple’s caravanning adventures, but because they were very new to the whole lifestyle, it is full of the many learning curves they underwent which were often incredibly funny. Starting off in the UK, they make an almost spontaneous decision to take off to France for several months and their travels around the country’s lovely departments are the subject of some wonderful descriptions, numerous ups, several downs and a number of crises, all of which Jackie recounts with great humour and much witticism. I am quite a Francophile myself, but I can relate very well to some of their experiences, including the mystery of hospitality businesses that close in the summer because the proprietors want to go on holiday. A very French quirk indeed.

Well written, full of bounce and fun, and a great book for wannabe caravaners or full time travellers. One thing both books have taught me, though, is never ever buy a large caravan. It sounds far too complicated and fraught with difficulties, but then again, it provides the subject matter for some great anecdotes.

Altogether, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will almost certainly read others in the series.

The link to the Fur Babies in France on Amazon US is here. It is available worldwide, so you can just change the country in the URL to fit your own store.


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have made my day!

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