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Tomato, Fig and Pumpkin Jelly by Lisa Rose Wright

January 26, 2021

This is the sequel to Lisa Rose Wright’s first memoir, Plum, Courgette and Green Bean Tart, which I read and reviewed last year. It was about her move to an old farmhouse in Galicia with her boyfriend, S, and the restoration and self-sufficiency project they embarked on. I enjoyed it so much I was very pleased when I was asked to Beta read this one, and what a lovely book it is.

The ongoing theme throughout Tomato, Fig and Pumpkin Jelly is Lisa and her S’ plans to get married in Galicia. What they didn’t anticipate when they decided to tie the knot was the bureaucratic shenanigans they would have to go through to make it to the alter. The story of their efforts to fulfil the seemingly impossible requirements is the thread that sews this lovely memoir together.

The chapters are a mix of Lisa’s letters home to her beloved mother, diary entries and a narrative that provides the glue as well as the links between the sections. Apart from the wedding plans, we learn more about their noble restoration of their lovely Spanish home as well as stories about their chickens, rabbits and other furry friends (or not) and also their delightful neighbours. And of course, the letters to mum are full of news interspersed with teasing daughterly humour.

It’s a gorgeous mix, bound by Lisa’s vivacious personality, which bounces off every page. I loved it; hers is the life I would so love to live and it was wonderful to immerse myself in her world with S for a while. All in all, this is a charming book that will leave you dreaming of going to Galicia and living there in a ramshackle house with lots of chickens. Just a delight altogether.

The link to pre-order or order the book is here

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