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Treefrogs can’t sing by Lally Brown

December 25, 2020

Having read Lally Brown’s first BVI memoir, I was delighted to be asked to Beta read this second one in an early draft. Now it’s been published, I’ve read it again and what a truly lovely, lively and charming book it is.

In this memoir, Lally and her husband return to the British Virgin Islands after a seven year gap and take up almost where they left off, except this time they have two small children in tow. It reminded me so much of my own experiences as a young mum in Africa I could easily relate to her life in the slow moving, charming community they find in Tortola. I particularly loved all the stories of the family’s interaction with the local people. Small children have no inhibitions and no prejudices and Lally’s little ones adopted almost everyone who came into their sphere from plumbers to road gangs. I also enjoyed the accounts of the simple but glorious lifestyle they had.

There is everything in this book from the history of the islands down to daily life in the local shops. Lally’s affection for the BVI and its people is immensely heartwarming. Her fluid writing style exudes warmth and fun, and the descriptions are beautiful. In short, I absolutely loved it and recommend it very highly!

The link to the book is here

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