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Exclusive Pedigree by Joh L Fear, compiled and edited by Robert Fear

November 6, 2020

What a remarkable book this has proved to be. John Fear was a man born to be a broadcaster. He started life as the son of a family devoted to a specific religious sect, the Exclusive Brethren. During his upbringing he embarked on a career of preaching and broadcasting God’s word that carried him through his life long after he divorced himself from the Brethren. Eventually it led to his becoming a radio broadcaster in countries as diverse as India, Kenya and the Syechelles.

When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but the reviews were excellent, so I dipped in. I soon got hooked by his account of his early life in Leicester as a Brethren son. It was fascinating and I always enjoy memoirs of childhood.

I was also intrigued because the editor, John Fear’s son Robert, has written his own travel memoirs and it has to be said that his books have no religious aspect to them. Nevertheless, Robert has done his father proud and the book is both compelling and absorbing. When reading his diaries and letters home, I had an impression of great humanity, and also a love of life and travel. I can imagine that of all things, this last is what he gave his son.

John Fear comes across as a man who is constantly searching for the right path; he is human, flawed, rebellious and troubled. But he is also a lover of life, good cheer, football and fun. He meets an amazing array of celebrities during his career and his insights on these people also make very interesting reading. That said, it is John’s multi-faceted personality that makes this book such a great read; that and his beautiful writing.

This is a book that takes time to read and savour. It is both an impressive autobiography and a moving personal memoir – a wonderful tribute to a father from his son. I can recommend it very highly.

The link to the book is here


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