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From Gaudi’s City to Granada’s Red Palace by EJ Bauer

October 8, 2020

What a beautiful, richly detailed travelogue this is. I enjoyed E J Bauer’s , otherwise known as Elizabeth Moore, first book about travelling through France very much. Even so, although I am a complete Francophile, I think I enjoyed this one about Spain even more.

I felt I was immersed in the scents, sights and sounds of Spain and Portugal as I travelled with Elizabeth, her sister and her friend to Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Lisbon and Seville. The word pictures and images evoked by her observations were just lovely and I liked learning something about the history of the locations they visited as well. However, as Elizabeth says, her memoir is more about impressions and what the history meant to her than a list of facts, so somehow it was even more personal and relevant.

I also enjoyed being prompted to look places up on the map and have now added Ronda, in particular, to my wish list, along with San Sebastian and Lisbon, both of which are cities I would love to go to, especially after reading this book.

Elizabeth’s delight in chance encounters with a variety of charming people is evident and I felt her pleasure in this almost wondrous connection that could be formed with fellow travellers, taxi drivers and guides she would surely never meet again. They had so much fun I could physically sense the regret with every parting.

Altogether this was a lovely, beautifully written book that gave me the feeling of being in Spain with them on this special ‘someday’ holiday. Highly recommended.

The link to the book is here

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