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Living the Dream in the Algarve by Alyson Sheldrake

July 22, 2020

Part memoir, part guide, this is a friendly and enthusiastic account of life in Portugal as the author has experienced it. She’s very honest about the downs, especially about the endless bureaucracy and paper trails they had to chase concerning every aspect of life there, but she still manages to imbue what must have been very frustrating times with good humour and lots of good advice.

As for the ups, they are pretty much self-explanatory: sunshine, relaxed lifestyle, kind people and an easy-going existence. In fact, it sounds so desirable it makes me want to move there myself, and reinforces why I love the Algarve so much too. I think much of this book will be very useful to wannabe Portuguese residents, but for me, the best parts were the descriptions of their interaction with the Portuguese people themselves. I think Alyson and her husband must be very nice people as they drew so much kindness from their neighbours.

I also enjoyed the stories about her adventures with the language. Being a stranger in Holland with a new language to learn, I could sympathise and giggle along with her. I also admire the fact they set up their own businesses and are contributing to Portugal in a real and positive way. Alyson is an extremely talented artist and thanks to social media contacts in Portugal, she and her husband were invited to exhibit at a local venue. This led to commissions for both and they were well away. Well done, Alyson and David Sheldrake. I enjoyed your journey and I’m sure you’ve given others hope and encouragement with your constructive tips and description of your experiences.

The link to the book is here

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