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Random Too by Adrian Sturrock

June 6, 2020

I read and loved the first Random (and also Sat Nav Diaries) by Adrian Sturrock, so I was looking forward to the next helping of his highly humorous and self deprecating collection of stories from his life.

These are very much the author’s musings played out against the foil of his sharply witty wife, Nat. The repartee is just as scintillating as in the first book, and oh how I laughed at his mishaps but even more at his deliberate provocation: ‘I refer you to’ his airport and school interview stories. As for the eyebrow story…well, you’ll have to read it.

Adrian definitely has a flair for witty dialogue like no one since Robert B Parker in his Spencer books. Every one of Adrian’s stories is built around the alternately sweet and spicy tang of his daily conversations with his partner. Whether it be a conversation while they are sitting in bed, or a sharp exchange on their travels, the result is the same…Nat always has the last word, and I love it.

I can highly recommend Random Too as the follow up to Random, and once more, Adrian Sturrock has impressed me with the brilliance of his dialogue and his succinct, bullseye wit. A fantastic read.

The link to the Kindle book is here


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