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Review of My Life in Horses: Disappearing Dreamscapes

March 14, 2020


If you love horses, this great collection of vignettes and anecdotes about the author’s riding experiences throughout her life will definitely draw you in completely. I used to keep and look after other people’s horses back in the late 70s and early 80s, a period Jan Ruth also describes with some nostalgia, so I could relate to the whole period very well. The joy of cycling to the riding stables, of mucking out in exchange for rides, or cantering over fields without restrictions and of spending hours happily in the saddle. These are memories, Jan Ruth describes perfectly and which had me reliving the experiences again.

We were all much freer then and her descriptions of riding across country, along bridle lanes and even on roads where people respected horse riders brought back lots of lovely memories. Hats off too to Ms Ruth for still riding in her 60s. I wish I still was! I thoroughly enjoyed this canter along memory lane.

The link to the book is here

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  1. So easy to forget how life was just those few years ago. Good this book brought back such lovely memories for you. Sounds a fun read. thank you for sharing.

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