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Review of The Sunny Side of the Alps by Roy Clark

March 13, 2020



The Sunny Side of the Alps was given to me as a prize, which I was thrilled to receive as I’d been wanting to read it since I first heard about it. This delightful memoir by Roy Clark is about the move he and his wife, Justi, make to live in Slovenia. I visited the country myself many long years ago, so I was intrigued to read about a place I’d largely forgotten.

After several years in Scotland and a shared passion for hill walking, the couple decide a change is in order. How they came to go to Slovenia is the subject of the first part if the book. The rest concerns their experiences in adapting to this beautiful land of mountains and glorious scenery where Justi is fortunate enough to be offered a teaching post.

The book reads easily and contains exactly the right mix of travel, personal memoir, history and culture for me. I loved their sense of adventure and the descriptions of the country they pass through on their travels by bike, car and foot. I also enjoyed the stories of the people they met in their efforts to integrate in their new home. and of course there is Bryn, their faithful dog, who is very much part of their story. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book, and am now looking forward to the second in the series. A lovely memoir altogether!

The link to the book is here

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