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Review of Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 2 by Nick Albert

February 15, 2020


This is the second of Nick Albert’s books and while I enjoyed the first one very much, I absolutely loved this one. It has so much more of everything I really like reading about. Firstly, Nick is a self-confessed newbie to the whole DIY renovation game, and I could relate to his labours so well. I loved all the descriptions and could have done with even more of the ‘how I went about it’ sections. I should also say I admire him hugely for taking on such mammoth tasks as rebuilding a complete wing/barn and moving a floor upwards. Goodness me, what courage he had. But let’s not forget Lesley, Nick Albert’s wife, too. She is one brave and hard-working lady, given the personal challenges she was faced with – as any reader will testify.

Secondly, I enjoyed and laughed along with the author’s self-deprecating humour. I had several good chuckles, but my favourite line in the book has to be this one about buying a new car: “Owning the most expensive, shiny, new, super-fast status symbol in County Clare is akin to putting lipstick on a pig. No.” That one really caught my funny bone big time.

Thirdly, I loved all the animal and dog parts, but especially his tales of their chickens and ducks. I could just see it all. I have a great fondness for the daftness of chickens and being a boat dweller, I am constantly delighted by duck behaviour, but Nick’s birds are different. Lovely, funny tales that had me roaring with laughter.

Lastly, the book is imbued with the flavour of Ireland in its country characters, the descriptions of the scenery and the liberal dashes of Irish history and culture. There are also some personal challenges for the couple that give poignancy and anxiety to an otherwise wonderful new life. Altogether, this book has everything that makes it the perfectly mixed cocktail of ingredients for a terrific read. Thank you, Mr Albert. I shall now look forward to reading Book 3!

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