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High & Dry in the BVI by Lally Brown

January 24, 2020


This is the third of Lally Brown’s books I’ve read and again I’ve enjoyed it so much. I actually read and reviewed it on Amazon in December, but being very busy at the time, I didn’t get round to posting my review here. However, as this is where I record the memoirs I’ve read, I’m making up for my omission now.

More light hearted than the author’s other two books, it nevertheless gives a clear and informative account of life in these British Virgin Islands in the 1970s. Lally Brown comes across as a lovely, warm personality and her involvement in local projects and the Red Cross are a testament to her kindness and the affection she had for the islanders.

She writes about these Caribbean people with insight, humour and love, the result being that their personalities are vivid and beautifully drawn. Among all the delightful characters we meet in the book, I especially liked Rosalind with her quirky headgear and imaginative superstitions, as well as the inmates of the infirmary. Lally Brown’s writing style is lively with a gentle wit and charm that makes the book an easy and captivating read. The descriptions of the stunning scenery on and around the islands are also lovely,

I would definitely recommend this book highly to all travel memoir lovers and those who enjoy reading about living in foreign parts. A super book!

the link to the book is here

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