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Apple Island Wife by Fiona Stocker

January 21, 2020



What a delightful memoir this was for me. The author, Fiona Stocker, and her husband Oliver move to a smallholding in Tasmania to escape the heat and stress of city life in Brisbane and so begins a complete change of life for them.

I will confess that I’ve wanted to go to Tasmania for about thirty years, ever since I met some people from Hobart in the course of my work in South Africa. From their stories, I became fascinated by the island and read a number of books about its history. As a result, when I won this book in a draw, I couldn’t wait to read it. Fiona Stocker’s memoir was a totally different take on Tasmania and its people and I loved reading about the development of her family’s life there. From the lyrical way she writes about the scenery, the weather and the farming culture there, I’m just convinced I’d love it.

I also enjoyed her wry sense of humour and her observations about her husband and her neighbours. The subtle teasing jokes slide in and out of her narrative as if they’re just there for those awake enough to see them, smile and move on. If you miss them, well the book is still rich with lovely detailed accounts of their growing menagerie. Who ever knew that Alpacas could be temperamental, that chickens could be social and funny, that guinea fowl could be horrendously noisy?

A highly recommended read which I enjoyed tremendously.

The link to the book is here

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