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Only in India by Jill Dobbe

January 5, 2020



I won this memoir in a draw on a travel book site, so I didn’t know what to expect in advance. As a result, I was really pleased to discover what an enjoyable and informative read it was. The author writes in an engaging and friendly style and both she and her husband have a great sense of curiosity, which gives the reader an enthusiasm for their explorations too.

Jill Dobbe and her husband have an interesting life in education and have made a career of teaching in foreign countries. As a couple they have taught in several exotic locations including Egypt and South America and Jill has written other books about their travelling educator lives. This book is about the year they spent at a school in Gurgaon, a short distance south west of New Delhi.

I have to confess I’ve never wanted to visit India because of the extreme poverty and Jill Dobbe confirms the many abuses of both lower caste people and exploited elephants. However, I loved finding out so much about the culture, and especially about the northern provinces in the foothills of the Himalayas where the Tibetans in exile live. The author and her husband spent an enjoyable week there and the descriptions of their journey make it sound very appealing. A recommended read!

The link to the book is here

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  1. Agree with you Valerie. The book does provide insight into the culture as well as the Dobbe’s own experiences. It is certainly one I would recommend anyone thinking of going to India to read beforehand.

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