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Stranded in the Seychelles by Bev Spicer

December 25, 2019


Bev Spicer’s memoirs are a delight to read. This is the third Bev and Carol book I’ve read and as always it is a wonderful evocation of youth and friendship.

Although older than they were in the previous two books, Bev and Carol’s relationship slips right back into the bantering mould of their younger days as they take up teaching jobs in the Seychelles. Thrown in the deep end when they arrive, they experience culture shock first hand when they find out how little emphasis has been put on education in the past and how primitive the conditions are in which they have to teach. Nevertheless, they give themselves enthusiastically to the job, the social life and the delights and dangers the islands have to offer. There is only one snag, but I’m not giving anything away here. Put it this way, there’s a reason the title is ‘Stranded in the Seychelles.’

This is a great mix of travel, work, culture, exotic holiday and, above all, friendship and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bev Spicer writes wonderful dialogue as well as great descriptions and lovely introspective pieces. And to spice it all up (sorry), there are horrendous insects, gorgeous tropical fruits, crazy islanders, wild parties and lots of sunshine. A real tonic for a winter’s day. Highly recommended.

The link to the book is here

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