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Review of What About Your Saucepans? by Lindsay de Feliz

November 29, 2019



This is the first book in Lindsay De Feliz’s series about her life in the Dominican Republic.  I read the second one first because I won it in a draw, but then I won this one in a different draw, so I set about reading it almost at once. I wanted to find out what was behind the many references to earlier incidents I’d read about in Life After My Saucepans.

I have to say this book should be a film. It was the most remarkable rollercoaster involving huge changes in life for Lindsay. She goes from corporate city suits to shorts and flip flops in what appears to be a mad and impulsive decision to live life on her own terms. However, the change means far more than clothes, job and location and once Lindsay meets her future husband, Danilo, her life takes so many incredible twists and turns, I was practically holding my breath for much of the second half of the book.

This is an astonishing story and I could visualise it all so clearly, it was like watching a thriller. I felt as if I was there with her and Danilo in all the crazy, crowded scenes that seemed to come with this Dominican lifestyle. There is violence, there is fear and there is massive corruption, but there is also immense kindness, generosity and love. What a book and what a ride! Very well written and vividly described with interesting factual sections between each chapter, I enjoyed every page and I recommend it very highly.

The link to the book is here

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