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Review of A Kilo of String by Rob Johnson

October 14, 2019



Review guidelines always ask us to write what we like or dislike about the books we’ve read and I’m happy to say I liked everything about this book. For starters, let me just say it’s not really a book about Greece, but there’s a lot about Greek people, Greek customs, Greek politics and Greek idiosyncrasies. What I mean is that for those looking for travel ideas or even what it’s like to live in Greece, this isn’t the book for you. On the other hand, if you want to know about what it’s like to live with Greek people and how to settle in and get used to the way things are done there, it’s full of fascinating, funny and useful information.

I laughed my socks of at many of Rob Johnson’s stories about his encounters. He is both self-deprecating and honest; he’s also candid about aspects of Greek life and Greek bureaucracy that don’t make sense to him, but his affection for his adopted country is clear throughout. There are numerous comparisons with the UK throughout the book, so it’s handy to have some of that background knowledge too. Altogether, I thoroughly enjoyed the book from beginning to end and the author’s humour really tickled my funny bone.

But was there anything lacking after all that? Well, I would have loved a bit more about the country and scenery around Rob and Penny’s new home. It would have been lovely to ‘see’ a bit more of the landscape in my head, but that’s just a personal wish. That apart, it’s a great book and well worth reading for its insights into this nation of friendly people.

The link to the book is here

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  1. Another of your reviews that makes me want to read the book Val. Thank you for sharing it.

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