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Review of Running Like a Wrinkly by Karen Guttridge

June 27, 2019


I’m in my sixties and used to love running, but sadly my knees won’t let me do it anymore. Still, I like reading books by others who take up the challenge and this book gives an honest, quite detailed and entertaining account of a woman who only starts running in her fifties on her doctor’s advice in order to counteract the effects of menopause, which in her case, resulted in osteopenia.

She starts small and describes the pleasures and the pains of working her way up to a 5km run in great detail. The author has a good sense of humour and can laugh at herself, which makes what might have been a very self-absorbed story amusing and enlightening. She doesn’t shy away from the more intimate details either, some of which made me wince, I have to say. However if you really want to know what it’s like to deal with the effects of ageing, the menopause and taking up running combined, this is the book to read.

Hats off to Karen Guttridge for her determination, especially to keep training during all their extensive travels! I have to say I also admired her husband for his patience as I’m not sure my other half would have been so tolerant. Humour aside, there are some useful tips for older women on how to stay healthy as well as fit, so it’s well worth reading if you are female and on the upper side of 50.


the link to the book is here

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