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Review: Random by Adrian Sturrock

May 11, 2019


I was looking forward to reading this after having enjoyed the Sat Nav Diaries so much. Adrian Sturrock’s first book was a travelogue; this book is completely different…although in one important way it is just the same. It continues with the wonderful repartee that goes on between the author and his wife, but in a series of incidents or events in their lives.

The stories themselves are simply snapshots and as the title says, they are fairly random. There are also a few flashbacks to Adrian Sturrock’s earlier life, two of which I found quite poignant and touching. However, what makes this book so rich and so entertaining is the author’s self deprecating humour and his fantastic way of presenting the witty, warm and sometimes wacky dialogues between himself and his wife. I laughed till I cried; I read parts aloud to my partner; and I constantly wanted to stop and share it with whoever happened to be sitting next to me on the tram or in the coffee corner during my breaks at work.

It’s a wonderful book that I will probably read again. Quite an anthology in fact and one I will treasure for future occasions when I feel in need of some cheering up. This book will definitely do that time and again.

I dare not say any more for fear of spoiling it for new readers, but I definitely had some favourites among them even though I loved them all. Well done Adrian Sturrock. This is a keeper.

The link to the book is here

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