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Review: Mobility Matters by Amy Bovaird

May 5, 2019


Amy Bovaird is a woman of faith in every sense of the word. I finished this memoir last night and just lay for a while taking in everything I’d read. Amy’s struggles to overcome the obstacles, both physical and emotional, concerned with losing her sight and the honesty with which she relates her story make this a truly impressive read.

The author is feisty and strong but has a vulnerable side to her as well, and I admired the way she described her feelings of anger, frustration, shame, and fear of rejection when dealing with all the implications of trying to maintain her career in the face of her growing disability. Nevertheless, she is an amazingly cheerful soul as well and I loved the way she could laugh at herself for things that would reduce many to tears. I must say that as a person who is lucky enough to still have a good degree of sight, this memoir was a revelation in the number of new cues a vision-impaired person needs to be aware of as aids to getting around.

The book is lively, very well-written and rich in dialogue. There are also characters in the stories she relates that we become fond of: Bob, her insightful, brave and diligent trainer, Julio, her no-nonsense long-distance friend, Amy’s mum, and very importantly, her lovely empathic dog, Buddy.

Although the main subject of this memoir is the author’s mobility training with Bob, it has a parallel storyline, which is that of Amy’s growth in faith, in both her own abilities and in her Christian beliefs. I should say here I am not in the least religious, but I was touched by the spiritual side of her story.

Throughout the book, we laugh, cry and hurt with the author in her efforts to find her way around in an obstacle-ridden world. The author has an easy, fluent and appealing style and I found it a real page-turner. All in all, it is an immensely uplifting book and I would recommend it highly.

The link to the book is here

There is a shortened version of this review on the Amazon product page

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  1. Julie Watson permalink

    Great review Val! I loved the book as well. Amy will be thrilled.

  2. Julie, you and she have much in common, I think. You both inspire others with your quiet courage!

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