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Review: But you are in France, Madame by Catherine Berry

April 28, 2019


I enjoyed reading this memoir of the author’s three year French sojourn. I won the book in a draw and as I love all things French, I started reading it as soon as I could. What I noticed most is that France is so large that it has a number of different ‘countries’ enclosed in its borders. This region where the author and her family spent most of their time was around Annecy, close to both Switzerland and Germany, a mountain region with lots of snow and real winters every year.

This is not a France I know, being more familiar with Picardy and Aquitaine (both of which are different in culture and spirit too). It was therefore interesting to read about their adjustments to snow filled winters after the arid climate of Australia. The book is largely concerned with family life and the author’s personal struggles and joys of coping with being in a foreign land. Some parts are deeply moving. However, although there is not very much about their French friends, there is plenty about the customs, festivals and delights of French food and culture and it was great to read about how involved the family became in their new world. It is a very personal story and I found it well written and easy to read. For those interested in French life, especially in this part of France, it is well worth reading.


The link to the book is here

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