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Fat Dogs and French Estates 4 by Beth Haslam

March 8, 2019



This is another delightful offering in Beth Haslam’s Fat Dogs and French Estates series. Following on from book 3, I really enjoyed reading about Beth and Jack’s efforts to renovate their rambling French home. Although it’s almost impossible to gain a clear idea of the layout of their property, it doesn’t really matter as the couple’s enthusiasm for renovation and integration in their French life make up for any lack of visual images of the lovely but run down property they bought.

There were some vivid descriptions that I especially enjoyed, such as the night and day of the big storm. I admired their courage in setting out to find fuel with the world in apocalyptic disarray all around them. Then there were the gorgeous accounts of their wildlife viewing, the meetings they had with various eccentric locals at the aubergeĀ  and the charming characters who help them with their renovations, not forgetting their champion Polish forest clearance team.

I laughed at the animals’ antics and Beth’s ability to persuade Jack into collecting ever more pets. Later, I cried with Beth when she loses two of them and felt her sorrow deeply.

Altogether, this was a wonderful read with some evocative description, great dialogue and plenty of giggles too. And to add to the pleasure, I am getting to like grumpy Jack more with each book. He’s beginning to feel like an old friend now!


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  1. Julie Watson permalink

    A lovely review Val and am looking forward to reading myself.

    • Thanks, Julie! You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure. It’s like having a taste of French life without even being there. Beth and Jack are such lovely people!

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