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The Reluctant Hotel Keeper by John Searancke

February 24, 2019


I really enjoyed this book very much indeed. It’s a fascinating read about the the author’s life as a hotel owner and manager, a career he was somewhat landed with by his parents and for which he was completely unprepared. How he kept going against huge odds makes a remarkable story of resourcefulness and, yes, courage.

The fact that the hotel ended up hosting the rich, the shameless and the glamorous was all down to his hard work and determination and I developed great admiration for the author while I was reading the book. However, what made it entertaining were all the background stories and anecdotes about the various guests they entertained. From obnoxious rock stars to a prison inmate and his wife booking a room for a quick couple of hours, there seemed to be no end to the potential for scandal and gossip at this ostensibly genteel hotel.

I loved it and I loved John Searancke’s story telling style. Well-written with gentle humour, the author’s affection for his staff, his dogs and his mother shine through. It’s a lovely book to read at the end of the day and altogether delightful. I now want to read the his first book about his dog!

The link to the book on is here

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  1. Julie Watson permalink

    Sounds like a great read Val and the book took my interest when it first came out. Another one for my TBR list.

    • You’ll enjoy it no end, Julie. A real behind the scenes look at hotel life.

    • I love these behind the scenes books, Julie. If you like them too, you’ll love this one as well!

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