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Review: From Australia to Germany: An adventurous journey in a 4 wheel drive by Gus Pegel

January 18, 2019



An immensely enjoyable read written from the perspective of the author when he was just 16. It’s an overland adventure that probably couldn’t be done these day given the political tensions in the world, so it was great to live through Gus and his friends’ journey vicariously from Australia, across Asia and into Europe. Their adventures and scrapes are many and the country they traversed was often harsh, terrifying and stunning.

I really enjoyed it so much and I take my hat off to Helmut, the ‘adult’ on the journey, and to Gus for the ingenuity they showed when their marvellous old truck broke down, lost parts, and had other problems. To get stuck in and make repairs when you are miles from civilisation and weld bits back together, well, hats off for their pluck and courage.

I gobbled up the book and appreciated the author’s closing words where he points out that whatever we are led to believe by politicians, people are good, kind and welcoming everywhere.

As an author myself, I would recommend that the text is professionally proofread; it would gain so much from this. Gus Pegel wrote the book for his own enjoyment and to share his story with others, but his adventures are now such an important record I think it would be worth the extra polish.  However, I will also say none of the errors affected my enjoyment of the story. A terrific read!

The book is available for a snip at 99p/c on Amazon here.

UPDATE December 2019: This book has recently been edited, proofread and republished with more photos added. Definitely a 5 star read in that case.

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