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Journey to a Dream by Craig Briggs

January 2, 2019


I’ve had this book for quite some time but since I’ve been thinking more about going to Galicia myself, it moved up my horribly huge reading pile. I’m very glad I read it because Craig Briggs confirmed my idea that the north west of Spain is my kind of place. His descriptions are vivid and it sounds very beautiful. The scenery is stunning; I would guess it is much more varied than southern Spain but maybe that’s because it rains more. In fact, it seems to rain quite a lot, but the summers are lovely and the author and his wife clearly had wonderful weather between the downpours.

Most of the book concerns Craig and his wife’s frequently frustrating experiences in buying a home and having building work done to improve it. So many things went wrong: their brand new pool popped out of the ground after days of rain, walls were inadvertently smashed, their car broke down. It seemed impossible that anything more could happen, but it did. Added to that, learning both Spanish and the Spanish culture often proved depressing and challenging. The reader really feels how bursting with frustration and annoyance Craig Briggs was, but in the end, patience prevailed and the couple learnt much about the Spanish ‘mañana’ way of life.

I liked reading about the locals they met, the wine cellars they visited and the type of bureaucracy they had to deal with. It’s very detailed with a wealth of information, so it isn’t a quick read but I enjoyed it and it’s really made me want to see the country for myself. The book is well written and I’m sure I’ll be reading the author’s sequel before too long as I’d really like to know what happened next.

The link to the book is here

(A shorter version of this review is on the product page)

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