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Memoir review: Completely Cats – Stories with Cattitude

March 5, 2018



Whether this is really a memoir, I’m not sure, but it is certainly a collection of stories from true life. For cat fans (like me), it is essential reading, but let me explain.

Author, Beth Haslam, and editor, Zoe Marr, both committed cat lovers, decided they wanted to do something to support cat charities working in both the rescue and care fields. They invited owners (or should we call them carers?) from around the world to contribute stories of their own special experiences with their moggies. I have the privilege of being included in the anthology; however, mine is just one of the many touching, funny, and often remarkable tales of these wonderful feline individualists who choose to live among us and share their lives with us.

There are stories of cats that have survived horrific injuries, cats that have saved their humans from injury, cats that have sensed their owners’ illness. There is also a kleptomaniac cat, a snake warrior and many many others. I have just loved dipping in and out of these stories and the illustrations at the head of each chapter are a delight.

I can highly recommend this book for all fans of of our feline friends. If you think  your purry furry is unique, intelligent, astonishing and psychic, try some of these. You’ll find that each cat in this book is a very special individual indeed.

Here is the link to the book on AmazonUK, but of course it is available everywhere and the paperback is a treasure that would make a wonderful gift.

The added bonus of buying the book is that a percentage of the proceeds goes to the cat charities working to help our feline friends who are less fortunate than the subjects of this collection.


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  1. Finally bought it!


  2. This sounds so sweet!

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  3. Will have to give it a try. Our favorite cat when I was growing up was an African lion. Smaller cats are much better, although as you pointed out – people care for cats. They don’t own them. (Steph)


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