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Memoir Review: Cane Confessions by Amy Bovaird

January 16, 2018



I won this memoir in a draw and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it to begin with. However, after the first few chapters, I kept wanting to pick it up and read on. Amy Bovaird’s anecdotes about how she learns to cope with her growing dependence on her cane without giving up her irrepressible spirit of adventure and fun are an inspiration.

I thoroughly enjoyed all her accounts and sympathised deeply with her feelings of indignation when people treated her as if she were not there or as if she were somehow unable to understand what they were saying simply because she is vision impaired. I also admired her courage in climbing Japan’s highest mountain and her delight in going on a Caribbean cruise when these would have represented major obstacles to most people in her situation.

But even for those less restricted than she is, her stories can still resonate. I am not vision impaired, but I am very short sighted, so I could relate to her stories about talking to lampposts and thinking rubbish bins were dogs, and these honest admissions made me chuckle out loud.

The book is well written and great fun to read. But what made it even more inspiring is the way the author relates her experiences to her personal growth by showing at the end of each chapter what she has learnt from each of the incidents. Altogether, this is not only a valuable insight into the challenges of the vision impaired, but it is an upbeat, charming and refreshingly candid collection of stories that are very enjoyable to read. Well done, Amy Bovaird. I shall look forward to reading your first memoir now!

The link to the book is here
. This is the Amazon dot com site, but it is available on all Amazon stores.


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  1. Sounds great Val x

    • It’s amazing, Caryl. She is so upbeat about all the challenges. I can imagine it must have been pretty frightening on many occasions, but she always managed to laugh at herself whatever happened.

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