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Memoir Review: Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds by Nick Albert

December 30, 2017



I was lucky enough to receive this book as a prize in a draw and as I love the idea of moving to Ireland, I was looking forward to reading it.

Nick Albert and his wife make the decision to change their lives after Nick has a health scare that forces him to re-evaluate his life. The first half of the book is taken up with background on how they reached this point and then moves on to their hunt for a home in Ireland that would suit them. I enjoyed the accounts of their search and the people they met very much. I’ve only been on holiday to Ireland once, but I recognised the charm and friendliness as well as the quirky behaviour. In particular I can recall the crazy tailgating driving from when I was there. I well remember wondering why someone was glued to my tail on an almost empty rural road where they could have passed me at any of several places and laughed when I read how the author experienced this too.

The second half involves their move and how they settle into their new home with all the challenges it presents and I chuckled over the author’s dialogue with his wife on many an occasion. I think they were very brave to take on a property with so much that was rotting and falling apart, and I shall look forward to book 2 and the renovation. There is lots of gentle humour in the author’s style, which makes it a fun read and of course there are chickens (eventually) and dogs, both of which I love.

This memoir definitely made me want to go back to Ireland again, but I’ll probably just have to wait until Book 2 is out and go there vicariously.

Here is a link to the book on the  Amazon US site.

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