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Memoir review: The Sat Nav Diaries by Adrian Sturrock

December 20, 2017


This book first came to my attention on the We Love Memoirs group when I read a review someone else had written. It sounded like my kind of read, so I downloaded a sample to see if it would appeal to me. Well, I loved Adrian Sturrock’s humour from the first few pages, so I bought the whole book.

The Sat Nav Diaries is a driving travelogue, pure and simple. However, what makes it so compelling is the relationship between the author and his wife, which is portrayed with tremendous wit and self deprecating humour as they make their way in their Mazda Miata through some of Europe’s loveliest scenery and cities. Nat, Adrian’s wife is feisty and fun, but also kind and rather sweet. Adrian, the author, talks plenty of amusing nonsense, but it’s well peppered with smart remarks and the dialogue between the pair is sharp and entertaining. There is also a good balance between the personal, the historical and purely descriptive parts of the travelogue, so I had a great sense of being in the back seat (not that there is one in a Miata) listening to them banter, learning about the cities and watching the gorgeous scenery roll by.

Another aspect of the book I liked is that there are some great scenes involving the people they met along the way, which make lovely vignettes and add variety to what is otherwise a very personal account. Travel is made by the people we meet and Adrian and Nat met some great characters, some planned but some totally random, and for me they were the best.

All told, this is a very well written, very funny and heart warming memoir. It could do with a bit of a spell check to smooth out some typos and errors in some of the place names, but while I couldn’t help noticing them, they didn’t spoil it for me.  I’d recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys travel books with heaps of humour. I really loved it!

The link to the book is here

The Kindle version is currently selling at $3.99



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  1. I didn’t read memoirs much.. until I wrote one! Now I find not all memoirs are written the same way, (thankfully), so I appreciate reviews like this! If you like this style, you should look at mine : Camp Follower One Army Brat’s Story by Michele Sabad

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