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Adventures of a #bookblogger abroad. ‘Adventure before dementia’ Part 1…

May 22, 2017

Forgive my pride at being mentioned here by the marvellous Mrs Bloggsreader in hee wonderful post about France. The photos are gorgeous! 🙂

Mrs Bloggs The Average Reader

Followers of mine on Twitter must be wondering what on earth I’m doing posting photos from the length and breadth (almost) of France recently on Twitter, well here is why.

My husband is newly retired and as a pair of rabid francophiles we promised ourselves a good round trip to France to celebrate. A sort of ‘adventure before dementia’.

I finished this book on the last day before the trip. Angling Bumateurs from Lesley Krier Tither aka Tottielimejuice. The fifth book in the very enjoyable Sell The Pig Trilogy Love the title! Feel like an Angling Bumateur most of the time 😮 My Review for the book isHere

Family had rented a caravan on a camp for a week in Frejus down in Southern France, so we decided to join them but drive down, stopping overnight twice, stay for ten days renting our own van, then travel back home…

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