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“Overboard”, or why I love being a wife and mother

March 14, 2017

A good laugh for a Tuesday morning!



My 3 men

There is a lovely line in the film “Overboard”, where the rich, spoilt Goldie Hawn character falls overboard from her luxury yacht and loses her memory. Kurt Russell’s character, who is a carpenter treated badly by her earlier, sees the amnesiac woman on TV and decides to teach her a lesson by “rescuing” her, pretending she is his wife and making her look after his badly behaved kids. They do all they can to torment the woman but inevitably boys and man fall in love with her and she with them. Then she suddenly gets her memory back and gazing with joy at her acquired family says, “Thank you, you made me a wife and a mother”. Then she frowns in confusion as her mind begins to work properly and she adds, “Why did you do that?”
Well, I’m having a bit of an “Overboard” moment. I…

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