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Falling Pianos

January 5, 2017

We all have to dodge a falling piano now and then. But isn’t it better to be prepared? Stephanie Parker McKean says it as only she can!

Stephanie Parker McKean


Someone criticized a wise mother for telling her son who was learning to drive, “Watch out for pianos falling from the sky!” She was right. Pianos do fall from the sky.

Recently, I took driving lessons. One criticism leveled against me by the instructor was erring on the side of caution: expecting pedestrians to step off the sidewalk in front of me, dogs on a leash to rush into the street, or vehicles to appear unexpectedly when I stopped at a “Give Way” sign. (No simple “Stop” signs at intersections in this part of Scotland.) The instructor didn’t understand. I’ve had my share of falling pianos.

When a doctor tells you, “Your spouse has cancer. It’s terminal,” that’s a piano falling out of the sky. When your boss says, “You’re laid off,” that’s a piano falling from the sky. When an editor tells you, “I like your writing style, but…

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