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Val Poore Interview: “writing has nearly always been part of my life”

January 4, 2017

Thanks so much to The Dorset Book Detective for inviting me to her blog. As a crime fiction blogger, she has been very kind in allowing me to creep through the back door and talk to her as a memoir writer. But of course, I’m an avid crime fiction reader too, so that gives me a few brownie points 😀

The Dorset Book Detective

photo-on-5-25-15-at-2-50-pmAs my first interview of 2017 I speak to Val Poore, author of several memoirs and a novel set in my part of the world- Dorset! Val discusses life on her barge, her background before she took to writing professionally and how the two combine to inspire her varied and fascinating work.

Tell me about how you came to define your writing style. How do you draw on your previous life experiences when you write?

When I first started writing, I never really thought about my style, so I tried different approaches with each of my first three books. I’m still not sure I have a specific style, but I try to write with attention to both accuracy and artistry, if that doesn’t sound too pompous. I love words and language, so this has a strong influence on my writing. Whether I succeed or not is another matter. Being predominantly…

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