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Roman Remains

September 13, 2016

I love Geoffrey West’s stories!

Jack Lockwood Diaries


A friend of mine called Tony Bradley, told me an interesting story about an experience he had a few years ago. In Tony’s words:

Bert Baverstock tossed the skull up into the air and caught it two-handed, then he kissed it on its shiny brown forehead before putting it down on the desk.

“Well thank gawd we found this thing when them wretched archaeologists were looking the other way,” he said, laughing. “If they’d seen this Herbert’s skull they’d have been able to stop us building the north section for goodness knows how long, just like they’ve held up our work on the southern site. I ask you! Six months of arsing about, picking little bits of pottery and old iron out of a hole and pissing about with it, while all we can do is watch them while we’re losing money!”

“But it is interesting,” I argued. “After all…

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  1. Great tale. it takes skill to write a short story.

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