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Fears and Phobias

August 3, 2016

A great post from my friend Tonia Parronchi about fears and phobias, their reasonableness ir otherwise!


How strange we humans are! We all have our fears, even if often we don’t admit to them. There are the silly ones that we can easily dismiss like – “Yikes, where did that wrinkle come from. I am getting older.” or “I just put the apples in the fridge and the yoghurt in the fruit bowl – is it the first sign of dementia?”

Then there are genuine fears created by dangerous moments. I have a few of those in my memory banks, mostly from the time we had our sailing boat when our sons were small and found ourselves in situations that were potentially life threatening. Fortunately it seems that my British genes come to the fore in these instants and I get on with things without a fuss, keeping my upper lip beautifully stiff until the danger has passed. Then I go to pieces, need cuddles and…

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